Marie-Aglaé est la meilleure élève de la classe. Un peu crâneuse, Marie-Aglaé se dispute parfois avec Gudule
"Brittany perceived as Selfish: but self confident "

Marie-Aglaé (in English renamed: Brittany Ann),is a girl who lives next door to Miss. B.G. Some may perceive her as Prosperous Rich and snobbish".

She is not to pleasant to Miss. B.G, but is nice to the other kids, their parents, and her teachers she tries to impress them. Britteny has Friends Kayla, and a boy same age as her Billy who likes her. Brittany like getting herself Center of attention because they will do what ever she wants / likes. Brittany Ann sometimes show has her nice side to Miss. B.G. (Snow Day, Living Roommates etc.).


Yellow Hair,Long sleeve Red Shirt, Green Scottage checker Skirt, Dark Red outdoor Loafers :

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