"Me too. I pick Major Brain."

Cheb (English Gad Mansour voiced by Cameron Ansell) is BG's next-door neighbor and friend. He is the son of Mr. Mansour who runs a shop on the block. He is the grandson of Mr. Mansour's mother, Ouma.

He loves science, school, and studying bugs. His main friends are BG and Alex, sometimes George. Gad's mother died when he was a baby (shown in episode, Mother's Day), so Ouma takes care of him now.

Gad tries to give BG good advice, not to get BG in trouble, but BG always ignores it, admiting in the end she should have done it. Gad is caring, nice and a great friend.


His full name (including surname) is used in the episode where BG is competing with him on a board game and she does a bad job helping to fix up his dad's store.