Carla et Marie-Aglaé semblent préparer un mauvais coup...
"Oh, hi BG."
Kayla to BG

Carla (English Kayla voiced by Melanie Tonello) is Marie-Aglaé/Brittany-Ann's best friend is always dependent, gravitating to be exactly like her, an mirror Image. In fact, she basically copy of everything what Brittany-Ann tells her to do, to much of BG's Distain: (Kayla's Loyalism Consideration.)

Kayla also has a hamster, just like B.G.'s little brother George. His name is Titus, and looks just like George's hamster, Albert. Both are Identical sometimes they can't tell them apart! The Problem: Secretly?


Kayla: wears a yellow long sleeve shirt, Green Stocking and a Pink or Red Dress with Shoes.

Secretly: B.G. and Kayla shares Similarities between each other,

however Brittany Ann, and her Friends are not aware of it Yet!

May or May not Know: (perhaps might widen the friendship) If Discovered.

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