Ouma, la grand-mère de Cheb, a invité Gudule à prendre le thé.
"BG what are you doing?"
Ouma to BG

Ouma (voiced in English by Dawn Greenhalgh) is Cheb/Gad's grandmother, who lives with him and his dad, Mr. Mansour. She takes care of all the housework and cooking for them, and she tends a vegetable garden behind the family grocery store.

BG likes to seek Ouma out when she needs help.

She may be Mr. Mansour's mother, or the mother of Gad's mother. Which is unclear. If an episode clarifies this, it may be listed later.

Even if she was, it is unclear if she would share the surname Mansour with her grandson.

"Ouma" is the Afrikaans word for "grandmother", so this is likely a title rather than her real name.

She and Albert are the only characters who retain the same name in both the French Bravo Gudule and English Miss BG series.

She was originally designed to be named Djeda.