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About Miss BG

Miss BG is the English retitle of Bravo Gudule a French 3-D animated series based on the Gudule et les bébés French children's book series published by Hachette-Jeunesse, authored by Fanny Joly and illustrated by Roser Capdevila.

It is a joint Canadian/French production and is distributed by Breakthrough Animation.[1] One hundred episodes have been produced to date.


In the main title card of the series, she stands between the "B" and "G", obviously spelling "BIG". If anybody calls her "Miss Big", she tells them. "There is no 'I' in 'BG'!"

Miss Bg Airs On Qubo Channel Digital Channel In USA.


Miss BG is 7 years old according to Telefilm Canada, however Breakthrough Animation gives her age as 8.


Her brother George who has a very active personality, His Hamster Pet has dotes on his back: Albert, and George likes a TV show called Fishy the Fish. Miss. B.G. finds other means of teaching George about the ways of the world. Miss B.G. also likes to hang out in a tree house with her best friends, Gad and Alex.

Other characters are:

  • Brittany-Ann who is a wealthy rival of BG
  • Kayla, Brittany-Ann's best friend
  • Billy, a boastful, athletic boy who is 9 and has a crush on Brittany-Ann
  • Terri a teenage girl who often babysits Miss BG and George
  • Alice, her aunt.
  • Gad's father, Mr. Mansour, owns the neighborhood market
  • Alex's old brother Robbie is a teenager who often lends a hand when the kids need the aid of an older person, escorts them to and from school plus generally chaperones them when they are out and about. Robbie also is often seen in the company of Terri with hints a romance between the two may be blossoming.
  • Ouma is Gad's grandmother who lives with his family.


The series has aired on:

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